Film VS Digital photography

Did you know that film Cameras are still better then digital?

Yes this was a surprise for me too “and yes they still sell film for film cameras and they can also convert the film negatives by scanning them so you can post it on your social media”. I was born in 1989 and when I got into photography I jumped right into digital cameras, and I loved the results! But I had nothing to compare to ….

I would buy new digital cameras and new expensive $2000 lenses and it seemed like the photos that I produced have gotten better and better …

Then one night I had a dream, in my dream I actually was a war photographer and I was taking photos with a film camera and also a digital camera lol yes it’s strange but you know in your dreams anything is possible. Then I was comparing the photos and I was amazed by the film photos much more then digital, digital photos seemed flat and boring to me and on film they were so alive and real. When I woke up I was surprised because I actually remembered most of that dream and now I was on a mission to buy a film camera! After purchasing a German Leica R5 I learned the science of film photography “and yes it is a full blown science” then I went out and shoot, oh ya I shoot at everything like a mad man.

Then when I got my scans back I compared to my digital photos and I had a dejavu! It was just as in my dream I was amazed by the film photos! They were so real the dynamic range is so much higher then any digital camera! Then I actually researched further and found out that digital cameras are only trying to catch up to film, and now in 2018 they are nowhere close! Leica is the only camera manufacturer that has gotten very close to film, very close but still not as good as film and still has not surpassed it.

This is why ladies and gentlemen company ActionX is now offering photo shoots of Vintage Film Cameras.