How One strategy consultant made the whole world believe in Jesus Christ.

Unofficial history.

While I was on my scientific expedition in Europe and taking photographs for illustrations for a book that we were writing, i had a chance to look at many symbols and old architecture.

One of the nights I went to sleep, next thing I know I was standing next to a person that was writing something in a book, I did not understand what was going on and when I leaned over to see what he was writing someone knocked on the door.

He got up and let three people inside his house, I was standing there too but it seemed like they did not see me. It was hard to make out what they were saying because they were speaking in a strange dialect.


But from seeing what was going on I could understand they were asking for advice from this person. He was explaining to them for a long time something that was very complicating but at the same time simple.

Next thing I know I was in some one else’s house and this person looked like some kind of a pharmacist and his house was full of shelves with different substances on them. I try to talk to him but it didn’t seem like he could hear me, moments later the same three people from earlier walked into his house, they talked about something for a couple of hours and it seems like those three people were threatening him, then when those three people left this so-called pharmacist started scattering around and looking for something.


Then I blinked and when I open my eyes again the three people were back. The pharmacist was showing them two different bottles filled with some kind of a substance.
The three people took the substance and left.

The next two scenes were incredible, The first scene I saw somebody in a black robe pouring one of the bottles into what it looked like a drinking well, The next scene was chaos!! There were people that were sick all over the place, laying out on the streets screaming, mothers were throwing their sick children out the windows, it was horrible, I close my eyes.

When I open them I saw about 20 people on horses riding into the city they all were armed with huge swords. They came to the center of the city and they were saying something, those people that were still able to walk and stand gathered around the horseman, The people on horses seemed like they were trying to persuade the sick people of something, and some of the people drop to their knees and look like started praying. The horseman have gotten off their horses and we’re giving those people that were on their knees sips from there canteens, and after some time passed it seemed like all those people that took drinks from the canteens of the horseman have healed and we’re no longer sick!!!

When all the sick people saw what happened everybody drop to their knees and started praying to the horseman.
After I blinked again it seems like it was a couple of years later, The same city had a huge church right in the center of town, I walked inside the church and I saw people that were praying to someone that was crucified on the cross. And some of the people were walking up to the front to get sips of water.


Then I woke up!!

I always have strange dreams but this was the strangest dream that I have ever had.
When I try to make sense of it all this is what I came up with. While I was looking at the old symbols an old architecture of Europe something happened to me. Whatever it was that happened caused me to have this dream.

To me it seemed like one guy told some other guys to go and get everyone sick if they wanted power over them, and then tell them that only if you believe in God you will be healed, some people did not want to believe in God so they let them die, to the others they gave the liquid that was in the second bottle that I believe was anti-biotics of some sort, and because the sick ones saw that if you say you believe in God you get healed everybody started saying they believe in God and Jesus Christ and after drinking the liquid they would heal !!! But what did they get healed from the

y got healed from the first bottle of poison that those people poisoned them with!!! And then the same people gave them antibiotics to heal them.

This is all just a fantasy and has nothing to do with the real history. It was just a crazy dream!!!

I was contemplating for about two weeks whether to write about this what happened to me or not and I decided to go ahead and write about it in my blog hopefully not too many people see this…

This is what can happen to a regular photographer videographer from Los Angeles if he goes to Europe and photographs ancient symbols. Crazy stuff.