Photo video coverage of scientific symposium

Today ActionX is working in Sicily Palermo.


We are documenting the scientific symposium that is taking place here in Palermo. Applied scientist Oleg Maltsev is reporting about the secrets of the “Human Memory” and much much more.

This event is 1 week long and everyone traveled here from all over the world to hear this report, plus meet with Phd Oleg Maltsev personally.

Everyone that came to the symposium is staying in one hotel to be able to mingle and learn from one another and from the Instructors of the Memory institute and Expeditionary Corpus.

There are people from USA, Russia, Germany, Istanbul, Ukraine, Finland, Israel.

The people are usually Business owners, Doctors, Scientist, Martial arts Instructors, Historians, but sometimes regular people that want to become more then what they are now also come to learn.

The 5 day program always involves Historical Fencing, Destreza, Spanish Fencing, Neapolitan fencing, and other martial arts.

Today on the first day of the symposium i learned that my Teacher and Mentor Oleg Maltsev has fundamental roots from three knightly orders of the Heidelberg university, all proven by photo, wikipedia, and Historical documents. This is very exciting for me.

Thank you for reading and see you next time.