The end of your lifestyle

If you have not noticed… the United States and Europe are going through major changes, and they will never be the same again. Positive thinking is not going to help in this situation. the bank system will collapse, its just a matter of time, the ground work for it has been laid out, in the form of cryptocurrency, the education system has already failed and will need to be reconstructed fully. The current education system produces broken robots. The current psychology and philosophy that we have in place also produce broken robots, why do I say robots not humans? Don’t be so naive … employees are robots that get exploited like robots, what’s the difference between a human and a robot you may ask? A human can construct systems and configurations that will solve tasks for him, A robot cannot construct anything it can only do tasks that he is programmed to do. A good manager is basically a programmer that knows how to program robots.

Why was Italy , Germany and America, such great democratic countries, not ready for a simple flu? Because those type of countries are constructed for smooth sailing… when unexpected things happen they have no idea what to do. In the future those type of countries are going to hire experts that know what to do in those situations. where would they get those experts you ask? Well those type of experts come from structures that have a different way of life. After this global flu has affected the whole world I finally understood, why our Captain of the “expeditionary force” has been firmly disciplining us and forcing us to learn fast and create results for the past 8 years . Now I finally understand… while the whole world was in panic and buying toilet paper, the expeditionary corpus successfully calmly and efficiently completed its scientific expedition to europe as planned, without any side effects.

During the expedition our Captain a phd Professor has read a 14 day course of lectures pertaining to business security in the 21st-century. And let me tell you a guard with a gun is not enough anymore!!
It is good to have a guard with a gun but it’s not enough, because threats will come not only as a physical attack but through the media , internet , and other sources … The interesting thing is, you, will never know who is attacking you, unless you have the proper business security structure in place. In this day and age no one is going to come and openly attack your office , that’s merely the last resort… first they will attack your employees using fakes on the Internet, They will use psychological an electronic warfare against you as can be seen already. They can flood your emails they can make your phone ring continuously they can completely control your computer thous not allowing you to work… how do I know this ? very simple we went through this ! our structure was attacked by religious extremists using those methods , but because we have a great captain we were able to quickly understand what was going on, quickly make corrections that allowed us to defeat the attacker.

Why did our predecessors take up fencing? If we look back in history we can see that our predecessors were much more superior than we are now and had much better technologies that we have now , thus their society was much smarter and much more able than ours , you don’t have to be a PhD to understand this… If you look at the fencing tractates of the 1500 1600s and 1700s You will be blown away buy those huge powerful books with a completely different philosophy then ours … but I am sure you will never read them. Anyway, fencing does something magical to a human. It keeps his knowledge and abilities polished and ready to use at a short times notice . That’s another reason that our captain has been teaching us fencing for the past eight years.

I think I’m going to end this here because I am really not a good writer but I wanted you to know those few things. thank you for your attention.