What if Jean Baudrillard was right about everything in his books?

Hello everyone. My name is Alexander Krivosheya. I am now 30 years old and was born in Ukraine and had a long and gruesome journey to understanding what is really going on around us. Now I have become a international journalist for a German magazine “Expedition”.

I live in NorthHollywood CA.

So let’s begin! My journey started about 8 years ago when I meet a person that organized a group of people to go to different parts of the world and research old architecture by reading what is written on it. I was at the time just a photographer and videographer that merely documented their research, but as years passed I became a part of the research group and have been working side by side ever since.

In John Baudrillard’s book that is called “America” that was written many many years ago, he talks about how world crisis and epidemics we’re always used to make money, I found this interesting and started to think in what way and who could make money using a epidemic situations?

For the meantime I will let you think about that while we move onto a different subject. At this point we all know about the 90% in the 10% ratio in our world. The very simple ratio that states that 10% of the worlds population has all the wealth and controls the 90%.

If this is true a very interesting question arises, how do they do this? What do they use? Are people like doctors movie stars and Rich Youtube Blogger‘s considered part of the 10% or are they also controlled and are actually part of the 90%?

Next thing I would like to ask is how do you personally know that what you believe in is true? My mentor and the captain of the Expeditionary corps Oleg Maltsev has once asked me. Did the Americans go to the moon? I answered “as far as I know yes they did” his answer was “we’re you there with them”? I answered of course not!! I saw it on the television!! At this point he said that “anything in this world that I was not a witness of , does not personally exist for me”. To me this was a very interesting statement and I remembered it and I use it when I have any information moving towards my ears.

When Jean Baudrillard was asked this same question his answer was pretty funny, he said “who cares if they did or not”? And how will this information help you put food on the table for your family? I believe this is a wonderful approach. Any information that you personally cannot use to reach your goals is worthless!!!

Let’s talk a little bit about the covid19 situation. What if the wars that we are used to have gotten old? What if blowing up each other and shooting each other has gotten old? And what if we are moving towards a new warfare which is much more technological than we can ever imagine? Technology and information is something a bullet proof vest and your glock can not fight against.

While you’re drinking your beer watching football your wife calls you to pick her up from her facelift clinic, because you had a few beers you call your son to pick her up. Your son answers the phone, he’s on the other side of the city, he was in the middle of smoking pot and playing video games… he says “dad I can’t I am studying for a exam!!” So you call an Uber to get your wife back home after an operation.
This is the hyper reality that some people live in based on deception and lies. The term hyper reality is also found in Baudrillard‘s books.

While all this is going on in your life somebody out there that has an endless amount of money is planning the next carnival for humanity. And , oh, boy, will it be a fun one!!! Do you think that everything will end soon and go back to normal ? What is normal? Normal is what you have been told. So you are right when this is all over you will go back to doing the next thing that you are told.

I find it interesting that during epidemics the world government start to mobilize HUGE amounts of money around in order to “help” those in need.

Otherwise during regular times this huge amounts of money would not be available to mobilize because it’s unnecessary. Now when the money starts to move around do you really think all of it goes to its destination? Is it possible that the people that are in power at the mean time have a chance to transfer a huge chunk to say an offshore account that belongs to them personally? Maybe, but you will never know because by now your wife is screaming at you because you were to drunk to pick her up and the Uber driver that you hired to pick her up had Covid19.
2 weeks later your whole family is sick and you go to the almighty “Hospital”.
To your surprise the hospital that you arrived at is empty because of the quarantine… and it seems that your family is one of the few who got sick with the Virus. You start thinking about the numbers that the media was throwing out about how manny sick people there are but you see with your own eyes that it’s impossible because there is a very few people at the hospital. At this time you start to realize something but it’s to late….

What if a tsunami can be triggered by a underwater bomb that is already placed ? And it could wipe out a whole region? Who would be at fault? The news would say it’s just a catastrophe because no one has any proof otherwise.

What if the world governments have nothing to do with all of this and they are controlled just like everyone else? What if all this Is done by your next door neighbor that drives a regular nice car and lives in a regular house etc? Who knows anything is possible….