What is Strategy Consulting?

“Strategy consultant” is just a fancy name for a person that “knows what to do” in a specific situation.

Why am i talking about this in my photography blog ? Well because the people that i surround myself with are doctors of Science , Philosophy, Business, Religion, Law and much much more, the list goes on and on.

Why do i do this? Because i believe its good to be able to call a friend who is competent in a certain field that i am not, and to ask for advice.

Most of the time i will pay money to the person who will competently answer my questions, i believe its better to pay $500 and get a strategic plan laid out instead of everything falling apart later and loosing thousands of dollars.

But most people that i meet day to day like to do it that other way, they wait util everything fell apart and they lost all there money, after that they try to go ask their friend for advice for “free” and that friend usually works at a car wash or a fast food place, not to say that thats bad or anything, just that this type of person will have a narrow knowledge, such as how much soap to add to the bucked or when to flip the burger.

If you are in need of a consultation in any field of life i am sure ether i or if not i one of my partners can help you.

ActionX company is very proud to be friends with Professionals all over the world such as…

Oleg Maltsev
Applied scientist, owns countless businesses, lawer, martial arts master.

Tom Patti
Politician, businessman, state boxing champion, Was Mike Tysons Manager.

Olga Panchenko
Manager at “Redut” law company.

Mikhail Vigdorchik
Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Marina Ilusha
Manager of a Research Institute “International fate-analysis”.

Evgenia Tarasenko
Director of a Research Institute “World Military Traditions and Forensic Studies on the Use of Arms”, also a lawyer.

Konstantin Slobodenuk
Journalist, editor of the “Unsolved Crimes Newspaper”, Regulator of the company “STATUS».

Aleksei Yavtushenko
Master of Martial Arts, Director of Spanish Fencing “Destreza, school Achinech».

Irina Bogochevskaya
Doctor of Philosophy.

Ludmila Philipovich
Doctor of Philosophy and professor.

Genadi Tishler
Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences,
Master olympic fencing coach and instructor.

Aleksander Sagaidak
Candidate of Psychological Sciences, hypnologist, teacher of psychology, anthropology, sociology.

Palmero Ramos
Master of Martial Arts, owner and operator of the Spanish school “Escuela De Artes Marciales Achinech” in the Canary Islands.


That is just to name a Few. The list is very long and i have ran out of time that i have set aside to write this blog. See you guys in my next blog !