Why Your Business Will Always Fail?

Let’s skip the foreplay and get right into it.

The Expeditionary Corpus has been doing researches in Europe for more than seven years. We have all the proof that the roots of all businesses started in Europe. Now the answer to the question why your business will always fail is simple, but sometimes the simples things are the hardest to comprehend!

Let me try to explain. If your engine in your car got broken down and you do not know about engines, you would have to find someone, who knows about engines and who fixes them every day, so that they could fix it. But most people would try to save money and try to fix it by themselves.
They will go to youtube and try to find information about how to fix it. But the mistake is that – the youtube creators are after followers and views and they may not know anything about engines, in fact, they may have watched a youtube video themselves in order to make their own video. So now we have a long chain of unknown mistakes that have been passed through a point of view of many people. At this point, one, who will start trying to fix the engine, will face a huge amount of problems and will try to solve them, and all this while losing huge amounts of time and money.

It is quite the same story with business . If you don’t know what it is, from what does it consists of, etc., – you will lose time and money instead of gaining them.
So what do we, the Expeditionary Corpus, know about business? We know that the prototype of any business is a battleship or an army. But what can this simple fact mean? Just by knowing those two facts, we can make a huge amount of decisions and corrections in any business, that is about to be built or that is about to crash and burn.

Please do not confuse business and a sole proprietorship. These are two completely different things. Business is an organization of people, that was hopefully built using the structure of an army or a battleship. A sole proprietor is a one single person, that can become a captain of a ship or an army, or can decide to stay alone and make smaller amounts of money, but with less responsibility and stress.

Jean Baudrillard is one of the best writers and philosophers, the father of postmodernism. In one of his books he talked about a “copy without an original’. I think that this is what he was talking about.
Most people copy something without ever knowing the original state of things.

So if you ever wonder why your business is failing – you now know the answer. That answer is that you do not have an army or a battleship!
If you have trained your people for days and knights, if you gave them something more then just money to fight by your side, the situation would be different. It does not matter what business you go into with your army or your battleship, because, if your soldiers are well trained and will fight with their Capitan to the last breath, then you have nothing to worry about and your business will always win no matter what is going on in the world.

Truly yours:
Alexander Krivosheya, Journalist, Historian, Photographer, Owner of ActionX Media Production