One simple trick to get more customers!

Hi! I’m glad to see you thank you for being here with me!

Do you know why? Because this article is going to get me customers and they will not be one of the ones that read this article. It is something close to magic. Let me explain how it works.

So the first thing you have to do is to imagine what is that thing that you want. For example: I want $300 to be in my pocket at the end of the day, or I want to find a good friend online, or at the end of the week I will be hired to work for such and such and such company,or at the end of the day my GF or BF will be happy, etc., etc. …… Then after you imagine this you must go and do something that you really don’t want to do, something that you absolutely hate, but this something is the key in this simple trick.

This trick has been working for me for over seven years now and I would like to see if it works for anyone else? Usually, most people say that you should do what you want, that you should do what makes you happy, but after doing those things I found out that I still never get what I really want. What I and a lot of other people want is a RESULT, and to get a result, it’s much more efficient to do what you do not want to do. Another thing is if %90 of people are saying to do what makes you happy then this is %100 wrong! Because we all know the %90-%10 ratio that states %10 of the population owns most of the world’s wealth and the others are poor.
After extensive research, I have found that you should never do what EVERYONE says! Because everyone is %90 of the ratio.

This is why I am writing this article. First of all, it allows me to learn new skills that I did not have before. I absolutely hate writing. It’s not my thing. I am not good at spelling or structuring articles, etc., but when I do it, when I write, I get a results from elsewhere and that is pretty cool and magical. So why do what everyone says, if it does not work?
After researching fencing tractates from the 1600, 1700, 1800s I have learned that every single human is born with two key skills that are given to him. All the other skills he will have to gain throughout a life. This is why some are rich and some are poor, and some can speak well, and some can fight well. But if we only do what we love and makes us happy, that means we only use those two skills that are given to us at birth and we will never gain any new skills and abilities.

If you ask me why I believe in what is written in the old fencing tractates? Well, it’s simple. Just take a look at the European architecture, look at all the wonders of the world that they built, that we can not copy or build even with the modern technologies! So let’s give this a try, let’s try to gain new skills and get richer by doing what you don’t like to do. Please write to me and tell me if it worked for you or not.
Alexander Krivosheya