Effective science VS Experience

The good thing about having an applied scientist as your teacher and mentor is that this person is completely multi functional.


He not only has complete knowledge about photography and owns pretty much every camera in the world, but also has complete knowledge of martial arts particularly historical fencing and warrior systems , but it does not stop there he is also an active lawyer strategy consultant, and owns over 30 businesses that I personally know of. His name is Oleg Malsev, and he always says that principles are the same , so if you are good at fencing then you can use those same principles to run a business or to take photographs, “ principles are the same” I will try to explain how that is.

One example that I personally experienced during the fencing class today. PH.D Oleg Maltsev Showed us 4 elements in Neapolitan fencing and after he demonstrated them he told us to go ahead and try to do just as he said. And even though I knew that those four elements were extremely effective because they have a huge scientific background which dates back hundreds of years and has been tested in actual wars and the system always came out on top. Even then I still had difficulties trying to do those elements as they were shown because my past experience would not allow me to do so , after about an hour and a half of trying then it started to work somewhat !

And the same thing happens in business and photography even if you have a system that is very effective you still want to use your previous experiences that are not as efficient, instead of using a fully functioning scientific method that has proven self over hundreds of years.

So today I left class with a very powerful life lesson. I guess I can try to sum it up in a couple of words.

If you want something to change in your life and become more effective then you have to stop doing what you were doing before and choose an effective scientific method of doing things and do it.