Tour guide and photographer all over California La Hollywood and the United States!!!

Imagine sitting on the beach on a nice big carpet that is laid down on the sand and having a cup of freshly brewed Armenian coffee. She can do that!


Or imagine spending time with real cowboys at the ranch having the best barbecue and the freshest produce. She can organize that!

She also offers helicopter tours in Los Angeles or anywhere in the United States.

Fishing trip tours into the ocean!!!

Tours and trips to the canyons, “gold rush” tour !, national parks and interesting cities! That is just a fraction of the things that this amazing woman can do for you.

Now who in the heck am I speaking about? It is a multi lingual woman that I have met she speaks Russian and English and she offers the most ridiculous fabulous VIP tours that you can only imagine!!!

ActionX has teamed up with this wonder woman and now we are proud to offer professional photo video coverage of your amazing vacation!!!

Do you want to meet this wonder woman…? In this case the first step is you have to promise that you will hire me to provide photo and video coverage for your event tour or vacation that you book with her!!)) 2nd step you meet the wonder woman and schedule your vacation and tour.

Your loyal photographer videographer from ActionX Alexander!