Why do things happen the way they do?

This is the way i see it.


Its all because of different “zones” with different rules in each zone. Business is a zone that has rules, a country is a zone that has its own rules, even a party that you go to is a zone that has rules.

Then you ask yourself why did this bad situation happen to me ? There is really no good answer, it just did because you were in a certain zone and probably did not know the rules.

In your personal zone it may be not ok to spit in someones face but in another zone it is perfectly normal.

So what should we do ?

We should be aware of the zone that we are entering and be sure to have learned the rules before we go there so that nothing bad happens to us.

What does this have to do with photography business ?

Everything…. if you and the client have not agreed on the rules that you will both abide by you are setting yourselves up for failure , because you both are from different zones and have different rules that you play by.

That is why it is a good idea to write a contract that is very detailed and says exactly what everyone can and can not do.